Writing about Animals

I had the honor last week of reviewing Karen Wrigley’s manuscript Beyond Woofs and Whinnies. I began with a large degree of skepticism. I know Karen is an animal communicator and I fully believe such people have gifts I lack. I wasn’t sure I could get into a book of vignettes about animals, or critters as she calls them, with whom she has communicated.

She captured me on about the third vignette when she wrote about her old horse Jake. She could have been writing about my high school quarter horse, Flaxie. Same demeanor, same quiet nature around children. I have never forgotten this mare, not because she threw me on asphalt and broke my back/hip/knee. I put her in the wrong place, in jeopardy, so the fact that she threw me was due to “operator error.” I remember that she didn’t step on me when I fell under her hooves. I remember coming to and seeing a sturdy hoof on either side of my head. And I remember not being able to move because said hooves were on my braids.

But enough about me. I loved Karen’s book. For skeptics out there who don’t know if animal communication is real, read this. If you still don’t know, at least you will have learned something from someone who does believe. Karen’s book will be out in the next few months. I suggest you check into her web site for the announcement. Remember, it’s called Beyond Woofs and Whinnies by Karen Wrigley.


One thought on “Writing about Animals

  1. But, alas, until it gets published, your faithful blog readers will be unable to read it!

    I read an earlier draft. It's a good book—with an interesting take on the subject. Let's hope it's soon published.


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