Query Letter Update

My friend and fellow Valley Writer, Keith Martin, received his first rejection for a short story from a prestigious mag on April Fool’s Day. He received his second for a different story today. His birthday! Happy flipping B’day, Keith.

As Keith said, the mag will run out of holidays before he runs out of stories. Keep up the fight. It’s the only way to win.

I too received a form rejection on Monday. I sent out six queries in the past week. Within 24 hours, I had my first form rejection. A very nice form rejection, but a form rejection all the same.

After checking the agent’s site, and learning in advance that s/he was looking for books in my genre, I realized that there was one word missing. The agent wants new authors with original voices and who write women’s fiction. The missing word was “blockbuster” women’s fiction.

No blockbuster from me, but could be the start of a solid midlist series.

Onward. More agents await my attack!


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