‘Possoms and ‘Coons and Bears, Oh My

With all due apologies for modifying this famous phrase, I ask, what do the three critters in the title in common with writers?

Give up?

We all hibernate in the winter. I love this time of the year. The lake is cold and quiet. Snow birds have driven south. Year-rounders are hunkering down and recovering from the holiday season. The family has left and my husband and I are alone with the calico-with-an-attitude.

Nikki has the right idea. She’s tucked in, not to be disturbed until the tree comes down on Twelfth Night. She’ll survive, as long as we encourage her sleeping all day. Not a problem.

And what do I have on my plate as a writer?

  • Finishing a revamp of Max 1 and getting it to be the best book I can write.
  • Sending the revamped book out to agents.
  • Seeing the book in print (or under an agent’s guidance) before the end of the year.

    That’s enough for now.

  • 6 thoughts on “‘Possoms and ‘Coons and Bears, Oh My

    1. Amy,

      I agree that writing is one way to turn the cold weather into a positive. I have hardly been out of the house for three days! I must venture out tomorrow. It's my day to walk. Hmm, wonder where my fox earmuffs are (that is, fox fur, not Fox TV!).


    2. Cats do indeed have staff. And Nikki never lets us forget that she came into our lives to be served — whether it's being combed, patted, scratched, or fed. It should be on her schedule.

      Happy new year, Claudia


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