Valley Writers Chapter of Virginia Writers Club

I must brag on myself and congratulate the new 2010 officers for the Valley Writers in Roanoke. Last night was our annual election. I was flattered to be elected president. Donna Knox, a wonderful memoirist, is now vice president. Richard “Dick” Raymond agreed to continue as treasurer. And Ken Thornsbury, who writes science fiction, is the secretary.

We all thank the outgoing president, Jim Morrison, and vice president, Becky Mushko for their leadership, referring, and inspired mentoring. Those of us who have yet to publish have learned a great deal from these two published writers. And the critiques the rest of the group provide make us all better writers. Nothing like having a poet go word by word through a fictional chapter and suggest better ways of stating the obvious.

The energy in this group is high and I hope to be able to continue leading us forward.

My wish for the group: at least one of us is able to hold a published book or agent contract in our hands this year.

Onward to happy scribbling and cranking out pages in 2010.


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