Sedalia Conference Wrap Up

Once again, Darrell Laurent pulled off a terrific conference at the Sedalia Center tucked into the Blue Ridge mountains. A small group gathered on Friday for refreshments and “grip and grins.” We chatted over wine and cheese and got to know each other.

The “keynote” speaker, Kathy Grissom, has recently published her first book. She talked about how long it took her to write her novel, her trials with getting an agent, and finally getting picked up by Simon and Schuster. She read some selections and set the mood for the next day’s meeting.

And what was the mood? Almost otherworldly. It was clear that Kathy channelled a spirit who told her to tell her story. And what a story it is. When Kathy read the next day, she had many of us in tears from the beauty of her language and the seriousness of some of the passages she shared. I do not like historical fiction, but I bought two of her books: one for me, one for my daughter. I want to try and schedule Kathy to come and speak to my critique groups. She is willing.

The group here is Karen Wrigley from Lake Writers, Kathy Grissom, moi from Lake Writers and Sally Roseveare from Lake Writers. Aren’t we a clever group?

So, at the end of the conference, it was like saying farewell to old friends I just met. Awesome.


3 thoughts on “Sedalia Conference Wrap Up

  1. Thanks for posting such great pictures. Calvin and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the writers who attended. The day was a special one, and you are so right: the smaller group was so intimate and fostering. While I enjoy the Festival of the Book in Charlottesville, I felt more a part of the Sedalia Writers' Conference.


  2. Yes, Amy, it truly was a terrific event. Better in many ways than the larger conferences, because it was more like sitting around a classroom just talking, shariang, brainstorming, and making new friends. I look forward to next year's meeting.


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