Shout Out to Valley Writers

In the past month, three of my fellow writer-friends have had success.

Keith Martin joined Valley Writers less than two years ago. He had never written anything except an invoice before, but he brought a wonderfully original voice to the stories and essays he began reading. And now, less than two years after he began, Keith sold his first story to the online version of Traditional Bowhunter Magazine.

John Koelsch, our resident Vietman vet-poet-novelist-haunted writer, sold electronic rights to his Vietnam novel, Mickey 6. More when it is available.

Dick Raymond won several prizes for poetry in the annual Poetry Society of Virginia contest. He picked up his prizes in Richmond a couple of weeks ago.

Not too bad for a group of writers about 15 active writers, is it? I expect more to win contests, get agents, publish, publish, publish. This year is going to be a strong one.


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