Series, series, series

I am querying for my first Mad Max novel and find myself facing a dilemma. Do I work on the second Mad Max book, which is in draft? Or, do I return to another draft I wrote a few years back and begin a serious rewrite of Patricia?

I read copious blogs that say pitching a series is not a good idea. I’m not, but if I am fortunate enough to attract an agent, which do I work on next? I can hear many of you saying “work on Patricia” because you don’t know if Mad Max will catch on enough to become a publishable series.

Only one problem with that: Patricia is a 350,000 word trilogy. And yes, it’s in draft and yes it can/will be broken into three sections. I just don’t know if I can condense Patricia into a single work. Maybe it will rain this weekend and I can read the whole thing cover to cover.

Either way, I need to work on a series bible of characters, phrases, events, etc. so that I have the backstory straight and know what tag phrases each character uses.



4 thoughts on “Series, series, series

  1. I think I'm in favor of Max 2. I have more current interest in it and it's freshest in my mind. I just don't want to jump into a third project with a different main character without giving Max and Patricia full chances at life outside my computer. Thanks for the advice. Max 2 is sounding better and better.


  2. My personal opinion is the second Mad Max. I think it will be fresh in your mind to work on the second novel, while you query the first.

    And, if after working on it, you decide you need a break or just something new-you can always break out Patricia. Sounds like a beast of a project, but those are fun too ; )


  3. Yikes! I just combined all the chapters of Patricia into one volume, formatted it correctly and am shocked at the size. Nearly 1200 pages in typeface.

    Patricia was actually designed to be more than one book, so delving into it will be a tour de force.

    I'm inclined to work on the draft of Max 2, play with Patricia in the backgound and write a few humorous essays to keep myself sane.

    You make a good point about not querying a series. I am not, but if an agent bites on the query, I want something to work on other than a blank screen.

    Good advice. Now, all I need is a couple of rainy weekends to reread Patricia.


  4. Good question. Beyond not querying a series, they also say don't start the next book in a series unless you want to waste your time. Of course, I don't think it is a waste of time, considering I did start writing book two in the trilogy I'm working on (only to put it away for other works for now).

    Of course, the dilemma is to start book two or work on a massive project that is already a trilogy in itself, either that or you'll have to find a way to hack off 250,000 words, since no one is going to look at a 350,000 word novel, unless you are Stephen King.

    Personally, I might wait on book two for Max and see how the queries go for book one and what interest it generates.

    So, I guess in the end my suggestion is to tackle the beast (Patricia) or a novel idea…start a new project. 😉


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