Stone of Hope, 2011

Originally published on Roses of Prose blog.

I have refrained from posting political messages here, so I hope you allow this one. I was lucky to draw the Martin Luther King weekend for my first 2016 post. I wrote this poem in 2011, have read it on NPR and at many local forums. I want to share it with all the Roses and our readers.


Granite statue gazes outward,

seeks proof the dream


I have a dream

looks for footprints

on the path to freedom

that one day on the red hills of Georgia

laments ridicule of a president

with the audacity to dream

the sons of former slaves

sees a country

broken by religious hatred

and the sons of former slave owners

hears uncivil discord not

peaceful civil disobedience

will be able to sit down together

wonders what happened

to embracing differences

at the table of brotherhood.

abandons hope of government

for all people.

I had a dream.

Granite statue gazes outward and weeps.


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