Book Review: Magic Fishing Panties by Kimberly J Dalferes

Magic Fishing PantiesMagic Fishing Panties by Kimberly J Dalferes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The title alone would make me pick up the book and look inside. Kimberly Dalferes follows her wickedly funny I WAS IN LOVE WITH A SHORT MAN ONCE with the even funnier MAGIC FISHING PANTIES, smack in the tradition of Erma Bombeck.

Okay, one bit of information will give you an idea of how quirky the author is. Her book launches on August 5, National Underwear Day. Think it was happenstance? Who are you trying to kid???

Let’s get the disclaimer out of the way first. I asked for and received an ARC. I couldn’t with for this to be published.

That said, this book is for gals and guys who love them. Gals will howl at the antics of a half-century-old crazy Southern Irish gal who suffers through the changes life brings at “a certain age.” From hot flashes to boobs that no longer pass the pencil test to coping with an empty nest, Dalferes hits us hard where we laugh — right in the gut.

The first story about the panties grabs the reader, shakes her like a dog with a new sock toy, and never lets go. Those magic fishing panties play a central role in a series of vacations where the writer and her family go fishing in Alaska. No spoiler alert needed: you have to read the book to get the full impact.

I said guys who love their gals should also read this. It’s true. How else are your going to survive the mood swings that come with menopause, birthday depressions that lead to tattoos, or running outdoors in the middle of an earthquake to find yourself naked.

Guys, do yourselves a favor. Buy the book for your gal and read it. It will save you a lot of grief. Gals, buy one copy for you, one copy for your best gal friend and one for the guy in your life. You won’t be sorry.

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